Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. -Victor Hugo

Music is a multi-dimensional art form. It is powerful catalyst to excite thoughts and feelings. It is an invisible driving force in culture. It moves people, and calms them, but can excite and enliven them all within seconds. As an artistic medium, it is the only one that can by a simple 2 to 3 minute expression change your whole mood, or bring you to tears. In it lies the power of the heart, and the doorway to the soul. You may quote me.

OK, a bit overindulgent you might be thinking, but doesn’t it really do all that? Call it what you will, but music does make people feel differently, according to the notes, melody, timing, or crescendo. Even the production style and quality can add or take away from the art of music, making it crisp and lively or dull and lifeless. In film, television and video it is the emotionally charged underlying substance which sets the tone and creates the mood for the images it accompanies. The pictures are what you see, but the music is an additional narrative guiding and nurturing the emotions that are intended to go with the pictures.

Since this is true, it is a very important story telling element. I create original songs with music and lyrics as well as soundtrack compositions for any application. Be it Film, Television, Gaming, Advertising, or even Corporate video,  I can create or adapt individual original pieces to fit the needs for each project.

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