James Marfleet is a solo piano artist as well as multi instrumentalist and songwriter. James began taking piano lessons at around 8 years old, but due to a variety of reasons he did not continue the traditional route in music education. Both his sisters had played for many years so from childhood he believed lessons and formal training were required to learn music. Therefore it took years for him to get back into playing.

At 18 he began experimenting on his own and realized he enjoyed composing his own pieces and was soon a prolific songwriter. He has continued to play and write music for over 25 years and has also learned guitar, and has used modern electronic production methods to compose and produce his own music in a variety of genres for use in advertising, television and film. He lives in Southern California, and has his own home studio where he continues to write and produce songs, and instrumental music.

He decided he wanted to release something featuring his first musical love, the piano. He released his first Solo Piano Album “Sonic Imagery” in 2015 which has enjoyed success internationally, and his music has been featured on the exclusive Whisperings Solo Piano Radio. You can also stream it on every major and most minor services including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, eMusic, Rhapsody etc. You an find the links here on the home page http://www.jamesmarfleet.com